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When Do Varicose Veins Need Medical Attention?

Varicose veins are a type of chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) that tends to be accompanied by pain. These veins are close to the skin’s surface, resulting in visible “spider veins” on the legs. For many people, varicose veins are more of cosmetic concern, but it is important to know when medical attention is required. Knowing when the right time to see a doctor for any reason can be difficult. If you wait too long, the problems could become bigger and be harder to treat. Do not put this off for any longer and let Connecticut Vascular Surgical Associates, P.C. help!

Some of the telltale signs you need to see a doctor for your varicose veins:

  • Pain – Reach out to your doctor if you are experiencing persistent pain in your legs near and around the varicose veins. It’s also recommended to call your doctor if the veins are hot or the legs are swollen.
  • Bleeding – This can occur when a varicose vein bursts. If the bleeding does not stop, you should seek further medical attention.
  • Open sores – About 3% of people who suffer from a CVI experience open sores.
  • Ulcers – This tends to be a problem in later, more advanced stages of CVI. These ulcers can be very unpleasant, being large in size and having a bad smell.

These symptoms and more can be painful, inconvenient and harmful to your overall health. Failing to address these problems and letting them progress can prove to be costly. Although these symptoms may seem scary, if you get treatment in a timely manner they can be managed.

At Connecticut Vascular Surgical Associates, P.C., we offer a variety of treatment options, including sclerotherapy, vein ablation and more. If you find yourself experiencing any number of symptoms that are related to your varicose veins do not hesitate to contact us today!